psychotherapy and counselling

Steve Hall

psychotherapy and counselling
psychotherapy and counselling 28th February 2020 

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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Can Psychotherapy and Counselling work?
Yes. We can all get to a place when talking to someone, confidentially outside our situation can really make a difference. I will listen to you without judgement about whatever is with you, whatever your situation and whatever you are feeling. You may be flooded with emotion or not be aware of feeling anything. You may be experiencing difficulties in a relationship or in making relationships. You may be unsure of who you are or just be intrigued about yourself and want to understand more. Whatever your state of mind or situation we can between us, work towards awareness and understanding, especially emotional understanding. This may involve exploring current issues or those of the past. Or just being with you in the present.

psychotherapy and counselling #02What is possible?
Meeting in this way can help to bring about an ongoing sense of well-being. Through growing awareness, understanding and acceptance we can become more fully who we are. This means being less 'at odds' and more at ease with ourselves. Typically we become less fearful of life and more content with uncertainty. Our relationships are likely to become more enriched. We can live life more fully.

How long does it take?
This is different for each person. My approach is similar in counselling and psychotherapy. In counselling, we would agree a fixed number of sessions, after which you may feel you are 'on your way'. With psychotherapy, the exploration is open-ended so how long it takes will depend on each individual.